51.2V 7KWH Rack-Mounted solar energy storage system
7KWH Rack-Mounted solar energy storage system, lifepo4 solar energy storage system, rack-mounted storage system
  • 7KWH Rack-Mounted solar energy storage system, lifepo4 solar energy storage system, rack-mounted storage system

51.2V 7KWH Rack-Mounted solar energy storage system

The rack-mounted energy storage battery uses a long-life, environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate battery and is outfitted with a high-performance BMS to manage the battery cells effectively. When compared to traditional batteries, it offers a broader range of performance and application benefits.

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rack-mounted lifepo4 battery

Product Description

The rack-mounted energy storage battery adopts long-life and environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate battery, and is equipped with high-performance BMS to effectively manage the battery cells. Compared with traditional batteries, it has a wider range of performance and application advantages.


Product Features


High energy ratio, friendly interface, self-cooling, free combination

A+ grade cells, precision matching

CAN/RS485/RS232 communication

Support custom BMS protection board


residential energy storage systemsolar energy system component


Battery parameters

Model HS-GS3000W
Rated Voltage(V) 51.2
Rated Capacity(Ah) 70
Rated Energy(Wh) 3584
Voltage Range(V) 44.8-56
Charge Voltage Range(V) 55.2-56
Cut-off Voltage(V) 44.8
Recommend Charge Current(A) 30
Max Charge Current(A) 60
Max Discharge Current(A) 60
Dimension:L*W*H(mm) 370*420*120
Weight(kg) 32
Communication Port RS485、CAN
Display LED+LCD
Terminal Plug-in
Compatible inverter Growatt, Goodwe, Sol-Ark, SRNE,DEYE
Humidity(%) 5-95% RH
Charge Temperature Range(℃) 0-45
Discharge Temperature Range(℃) -20-60
Storage Temperature Range(℃) -20-45
Cycle Life >6000 (0.5C@ 25℃,80% DOD)
Design Life (Year) 15
Safety & Certification CE,EMC,TUV(IEC62619),UL1973
Transportation UN38.3


Application scenarios

Energy storage system, control system, alarm system, power system, database.

Emergency lighting system, backup power supply, UPS.

Telecommunications equipment, communication equipment, fire protection systems, security systems, power stations.

Important Factors when Purchasing a Solar Storage Battery


Capacity & Power

These two factors are important for knowing the amount of electricity a solar panel battery can store and how much electricity it can provide at any given moment. A battery’s capacity is the total amount of electricity it can store measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The battery’s power rating will tell you the amount of electricity that the battery can deliver at one time measured in kilowatts (kW).


A battery with high capacity but low power will be able to supply power to several key appliances in your home for a long time. A battery with low capacity but high power will be able to power your entire home for a short amount of time.


Solar Battery Options

Several batteries can be used as solar panel batteries. The most popular are lithium ion and lead acid. Among these options, lithium-ion batteries are the best option for a solar battery storage system.


solar inverter

Rated Output Power 5,500W  
Max.Peak Power 11,000W  
Rated Output Voltage 230Vac (single-phase L+N+PE) Y
Load Capacity of Motors 4HP  
Rated AC Frequency 50/60Hz Y Y
Waveform pure sine wave  
Switch Time 10ms(typical)  
Parallel Capacity /  
Battery Type Lead-acid / Li-ion / User Defined Y
Rated Battery Voltage 48V  
Voltage Range  40~60Vdc Y
Max.MPPT Charging Current 100A Y
Max.Mains/Generator Charging
60A Y
Max.Hybrid Charging Current 100A Y
Num. of MPPT Trackers 1  
Max.PV Array Power 6,000W  
Max.Input Current 22A  
Max.Voltage of Open Circuit 500Vdc  
MPPT Voltage Range 120~450Vdc  
Input Voltage Range UPS mode:170~280Vac;APL mode:90~280Vac Y
Frequency Range 50/60Hz  
Bypass Overload Current 40A  
MPPT Tracking Efficiency 99.90%  
Max. Battery Inverter Efficiency >90%  
Dimensions 556*345*182mm  
Weight 20  
Protection Degree IP65  
Operating Temperature Range -25~55℃,>45℃ derated  
Humidity 0~100%  
Cooling Method Internal Fan  
Warranty 5 years  
Embedded Interfaces RS485 / CAN / USB / Dry contact Y
External Modules(Optional) Wi-Fi / GPRS Y Y
Safety IEC62109  
EMC EN61000,FCC part 15  


425 watt solar panel




The most popular home storage batteries, lithium-ion batteries have the longest lifespan and are very compact and light compared to the other battery types. With all these benefits, however, they are the most expensive.



Lead acid

These batteries are some of the cheapest but have the shortest lifespan and capacity. These are good options if you are trying to store energy on a budget, but will cost you more in the long run as you have to replace them more frequently.



solar energy system

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