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The primary function of solar energy storage is to store energy produced by solar panels that can be drawn on at a later time. And in some cases, additional electric bills savings. Solar storage is not only great for the environment, it also unlocks a number of benefits for homeowners, like access to reliable backup power. Solar batteries are a great way to store residential solar energy. The most common type of battery used for solar energy storage are lithium ion batteries.  last longer, require less maintenance, and take up less space than other solar energy storage solutions on the market, like lead-acid batteries. 

Our Solar batteries are with CE, FCC, TUV-UL2054, CQC, RoHs, PSE, MSDS, UN38.3 certificates.We've already provided safe, stable, environmentally friendly, high-quality products and professional OEM/ODM services to customers in more than 60 countries and regions.

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48V 3584Wh cabinet type energy storage battery solar energy storage battery

Product can be used in communication base stations, solar power generation, energy storage systems, and so on, and has the advantages of a highly integrated design, a large equipment storage capacity, and the ability to be used as equipment cabinets, battery cabinets, power cabinets, and so on to adapt to a variety of application environments.

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51.2V 3584Wh solar energy storage battery cabinet type energy storage battery

During the day, sunlight strikes the solar module, causing it to generate a specific range of DC voltage, convert the light energy into electrical energy, and transmit it to the intelligent controller. The electrical energy transmitted from the solar module is transmitted to the battery for storage after the intelligent controller's overcharge protection.

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51.2v 20480Wh stacked lifePO4 solar energy storage battery

Stack mounted Lithium batteries reduce your reliance on the grid by storing solar energy for use when the sun isn't shining. Our highly qualified research and development team has created this series to provide an ultra-long service life and extreme reliability in energy storage. Our LiFePO4 battery is widely popular among users with a rapid development stance due to its technical features of excellent performance at higher temperatures, higher capacity range, lighter weight, and pollution-free operation. It is the first choice for high-energy storage battery solutions.

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High Capacity 51.2V 200ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack 10kwh Lithium Battery IP65 Waterproof RV Battery For RV Car

※ long life:>4000(0.5C @25℃,80% DOD) ※ high capacity:10240Wh ※ Batteries specifically designed for RVs ※ Support ODM/OEM

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Deep Cycle 48V 51.2V 200Ah LFP Lithium Battery for Electric Forklift

※ Built-in fully automatic Battery Management System (BMS) ※ Over voltage and under voltage protection ※ Reverse polarity and short circuit protection ※ Specifically for forklifts

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High Capacity 76.8v 150ah Lithium Ion Battery Deep Cycle Lifepo4 Battery For Electric Forklift

※ Built-in fully automatic Battery Management System (BMS) ※ Over voltage and under voltage protection ※ Reverse polarity and short circuit protection ※ Specifically for forklifts ※ High capacity:11.5kWh

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Complete Set Solar Panel Power System 10kw Off Grid Solar Power System With Off Gird Inverter

※ The entire system includes 10kWh wall-mounted battery, 8kVa hybrid inverter, 425W solar panels, mounting brackets, and connection accessories ※ Provide remote guidance services and system design services according to your own needs ※ The whole system is simple and easy to install ※ 5 years warranty

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143kwh 50KW Commercial & Industrial Container ESS High-Volt 560v Container Energy Storage

1.Top energy density We combine high energy density batteries, power conversion and control systems in an upgraded shipping container package. Lithium batteries are CATL brand, whose LFP chemistry packs 143kWh of energyinto a battery volume 2200mm*1100mm*2340mm 2.Reliability in harsh environmental conditions Our design incorporates safety protection mechanisms to endure extreme environments and rugged deployments. Our system will operate reliably in varying locations from North America to sub-Saharan Africa. 3.Customizable formats to optimize return on the investment We adapt our reference design to fit customers’ specific energy storage/power requirements and environmental conditions. We use modelling simulation to optimize system design for delivering the best price performance for every customer use-case.

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51.2V 1997Wh portable power station generator with solar panel charging

This portable power station generator with solar panel charging can power 99% of home devices and has a remarkable 1997Wh capacity and AC Max output of 2,000W (4,000W Peak). Ideal for off-grid outdoor activities such as camping and RVing, as well as home emergency use. Powering your refrigerator, air conditioners, blenders, and other appliances

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5kWh Power Wall 51.2V 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery Pack Powerwall

※These battery packs are designed for 48V residential solar home system. Similar to the Tesla powerwall. ※Compatible with mainstream inverters on the market, such as Growatt, Goodwe, Sol-Ark, SRNE, DEYE, Luxpower, Megarevo, etc. ※Mounting way: wall mounted. We will provide the mounting kits, and price is included. ※Storage capacity of 5kWh,Support parallel connection

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