High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system
High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system, high-volt energy storage system, solar power energy storage systems
  • High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system, high-volt energy storage system, solar power energy storage systems

High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system

With easy installation and a minimalist design, the Movable module lithium battery complements a variety of home styles. The battery capacity can be increased freely and flexibly according to the situation of home use. Use the best safety LiFePO4 battery to save costs. Easy installation, according to the power storage, needs, and combining different batteries pack.

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High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system

What are the common categories of energy storage systems?


There are several types of common energy storage batteries on the market:

All-in-one ESS (build-in inverter)





high-volt energy storage systemhigh-volt energy storage system

Battery parameters

solar power energy storage systems


How do I install my energy storage system?


If you are a certified installer such as an electrician installation, you can install energy storage batteries for your home by yourself. Before installation, please confirm that the received product is well packaged and undamaged, and keep the corresponding warranty certificate.


If you are not a professional solar installer, please contact local installers and installers to operate. Please check the relevant credentials of the installer before installation, which indicates that the installer is qualified to install your battery storage system.


The installer may shut down the house sometime during the installation, but this period should be brief. If your meter or meter box needs an upgrade, your power may need to be off for a longer period. During the entire installation period, please confirm receipt of all necessary documents and save them. This is the most important document if you need to make a warranty or claim.


Note that it is also very important to learn how to properly use the energy storage battery from the installer before they leave.


high-volt energy storage system


Inverter parameters

Model R10KL1
Input (PV)
Max. power(kW) 13
Max. DC voltage(V) 500
MPPT voltage range(V) 120~500
Max.input current of single MPPT(A) 12
MAX. short circuit current(A) 15
AC output
Rated output power(kVA) 10
Max. output power(kVA) 11
Max. output current(A) 47.8
Ac output voltage(V) 220,230,240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60(45 ~ 55, 55 ~ 65)
PF 0.8lagging-0.8leading
THDi < 2%
Nominal voltage (V) 48
Battery voltage range(V) 40~60
Max. charge/discharge current(A) 210/210
Battery type lithium /Lead-acid
Charging strategy for Li-Ion battery Self-adaption to BMS
EPS output
Rated power (kVA) 10
Rated output voltage(V) 220, 230 ,240
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
THDu < 2%
Grounding detection YES
Arc fault protection optional
Island protection YES
Battery reverse polarity YES
Insulation resistor detection YES
Residual current monitoring unit YES
Output over current protection YES
Back-up output short protection YES
Terminal temperature detection YES
Output over voltage/under voltage protection YES
General data
Europe efficiency (PV) ≥97.8%
MAX. battery to load efficiency ≥97.2%
Ingress protection IP65
Noise emission(dB) <38
Operation temperature -25℃ ~ 60℃
Cooling FAN Cooling
Relative humidity 0 ~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude 2,000m (>2,000 Derating)
Dimensions W *D *H (mm) 430*220*710
Weight(kg) 41
Display LCD,Touch panel(optinal)
Communication with BMS/meter/EMS RS485,CAN
Communication interface RS485, WLAN, 4G (optional)
Self-consumption at night < 2.5 W (with battery enabling < 5 W)
Certificates South Africa NRS, IEC 62109-1/-2, IEC 61000-6-1, IEC 61000-6-3


High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system


What should I pay attention to when using the energy storage battery?


If you want to extend the service life of the energy storage battery, regularly conduct a full discharge cycle for the battery.

Place the battery at about 25 ℃ for charging and discharging. Keep away from fire sources and high temperatures to avoid fire and explosion. When the battery is not in use, it should be stored in a place with low humidity and good ventilation.

Since the self-discharge rate of the inner LFP battery of the energy storage battery is about 3% per month, please ensure that there is no load during storage and remember to charge the battery regularly.

If the battery emits a peculiar smell, heating, discoloration, deformation, or any abnormality during use, storage or charging, please stop it immediately and contact a professional for equipment inspection.

Do not add, remove or damage the battery equipment by yourself.


High-Volt stacked 20KWH solar energy storage system

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